Lichen Treatment in Hobart

Did you know that we treat Lichen?

Lichen is best to be treated rather than pressure cleaned.

Pressure cleaning has an immediate affect and looks clean straight away. But the spores and tiny roots are left behind in the paint or cracks and crevices. You don’t eradicate it you remove the top layer. It will grow back. Then you must pay someone to pressure clean again. This could end up being a regular maintenance job.

Treating lichen kills off the spores and you can be lichen free in most of the areas once treated. The heavier growth areas will take more applications to achieve this. Then it is a matter of having a treatment when you see growth starting to appear again. This method takes 6-12 months to achieve but it is a more sustainable and economical method. The initial treatment will be the main cost and any maintenance treatments would be minimal depending on the area size and growth.

Let face it, not much is known about why lichen grows. It can be in one area and not the other on the same house. One house in a street can be afflicted with it and not the others, Why?

It exists and treating it is really the best solution to the problem. If you have a pitch to your roof, then treatments usually don’t need brushing as the natural rainfall helps to move it. Flat roofs need some brushing to help lift the dead lichen.

If you have a lichen problem, give us a call and we can supply you with a quote and answer all your questions. Ph: 1300 654 253


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