If You Have Blocked Down Pipes, Chances Are You Need a Gutter Clean

Did you know that blockages over the down pipe, if left, will cause water to back up in the gutters and could lead to rusting if it doesn’t drain away?

The debris sits at the top of your down pipe and leaves get caught, blocking the opening. This mats into a thick layer, stifling the flow of water or stopping it completely. The excess water from your gutter could move into the eaves and cause even further damage to your property. You could even have animals nesting in the debris.

We find that most blocked down pipes occur in the first bend. The debris, leaves and sticks become lodged at the opening or can’t get past the elbow of the pipe. Regular gutter cleaning will prevent blockages and if your gutters are prone to filling with leaf and sticks there are other measures we can take to help keep the debris away from the down pipe opening.

For the most part blocked down pipes just need a good vacuum, but we have come across plants growing in them with the full root system growing down the pipe. While the plant gets a good watering, the gutters don’t need to have the stagnant water sitting there. Sometimes we must dig, poke and prod to get these out.

Our Gutter-Vac units carry a drain snake. If the opening is clear and there is a blockage further down but not below ground level, then we can try and dislodge it with our drain snake and a garden hose.

The following photos are of a blocked down pipe that a customer was complaining of overflowing water when there was substantial rain. The matter would not allow for bulk amounts of water to flow into the down pipe as it is covered but if it is a steady drizzle then the water seeps through the matter eventually. This is a prime example of what was said above. Water cannot get away as it is supposed to, down the down pipe so it either sits in the gutter or goes over the side or back into the house.

Before – with the matted debris lying flat over the opening of the down pipe

After – vacuum cleaned and free of debris.

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