Have You Prepared Your Home for Winter?

As they say on “The Game of Thrones”….”Winter is Coming”

There are several chores that need to be looked at to prepare your property for winter.

  • The roof – to prevent leaks, look for broken or cracked tiles. If you have colour bond or iron, then any loose screws and nails would need to be fixed. You don’t want loose sheets of metal on the roof.
  •  Guttering – Check to see that your gutters are clear of debris. You don’t want blockages occurring when the rainy season is here.
  •  Smoke alarms – batteries should be checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Fire extinguishers – check the pressure indicator (if it has one) to make sure that it is in the green. Check that the manufacturer date is less than 10 years old. This is usually stamped on the bottle somewhere.
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning – get a service done before winter so that the filters are clean, and your system will run more efficiently.
  • Chimney’s/flu’s – make sure that the flus are clean from creosote, fires can start in the flu if there is a build-up of creosote. Check the condition of the fire box and baffle plate for deterioration.
  • Drains and storm water pits – it is important to make sure that your drains and pits are free of debris so that the water flows freely and cleanly.
  •  Heat transfer systems – make sure the vents are open and clean them of the dust and grime that has accumulated. Have the fan system serviced so that it runs at its most efficient capacity.
  • Ceiling fans – if your fans have the reverse cycle switch, turn this on so that the blades run clockwise thus pushing the heat back down. Make this the time of year when you clean the dust and grime off the blades.
  • Check doors and windows for gaps due to the expansion and contraction caused by the weather. These may need adjustments, or you could get draft tap to fill the gap. Get out the snakes for drafts under the door.

This is the time to be making a list of things you need to do around your property. Give yourself enough time to tick the jobs. Get the professionals in for your maintenance. Remember that everyone is contemplating the work that needs doing around their properties. There may be a wait time so book work early to make sure it is done before winter.

Don’t forget to check the list of services that Gutter-Vac Tasmania can do for you. We can remind you  that this work is due.  We will call or email every year and you can tick this off your list.

  • Gutter Cleaning Service (while we are cleaning the gutters, we can check the condition of your roof and provide a report)
  • Flu Cleaning
  • Drains and storm water pits

 Call us for a free quote Ph:1300 654 253

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