Gutter-Vac Cleaning Ceiling Cavities in Townsville

In the North Queensland climate, it’s important that your home is well insulated. As we come into the warmer months, ensuring that your home is properly insulated and kept at an optimal temperature can drastically affect the efficiency and running costs of your cooling systems. If it’s time to replace your old insulation or you’re in the process of renovating, then give Gutter-Vac Townsville a call. We can do the dirty work for you, removing any insulation, dirt and dust from your ceiling cavity using our high-powered vacuum machine. This is a lot less time consuming and messy than doing the job by hand. We’ll also dispose of all the mess for you, leaving you with a nice, clean space, ready for renovation or for your new insulation to be installed.

We’ll be at the Townsville Expo this weekend to answer any questions you may have. Come say hi and enter the draw to win a free gutter clean!

You can also contact us on 0412 309 379 or email us at

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