Gutter Guard

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Gutter Guard

Gutter-Vac Brisbane South – East discovers what lies beneath… Gutter Guard!

If it doesn’t get cleaned often, guess what can happen under the gutter guard?  An entire ecosystem can develop.  The conditions for growth are perfect, the dirt from old leaves sifts through the gutter guard, the water from dew and rain doesn’t easily evaporate, and the next thing you don’t know is that there are plants growing under there that won’t reveal themselves until they are big enough to grow Through the gutter guard.

Take a Look at these gutters from East Brisbane.  This place had water damage to the ceiling Inside the house in a bedroom, because the gutters were left for too long, as the residents thought that the gutter guard was protecting (as a guard would) the gutters.

The roof and gutters need to be cleaned on the regular, even with gutter guard, it needs to be cleaned off and cleaned out from time to time.