Great Customer Feedback for Our Gutter Cleaning Service in Hobart

“In terms of general feedback, I would like to say that your customer service is exemplary,” says Andrew of Kingston Beach, Hobart.

Our customer Andrew, called us 6 months ago and asked for a gutter clean and an installation of half the gutters with gutter flow. There did not seem much point in putting in the gutter flow if Andrew was going to have a regular gutter clean.

We told him not to spend unnecessary money with the gutter flow. We would come back and check the amount of debris in the gutters in six months’ time. We could then determine whether he needed the gutter flow.

It has been six months and no clean is required, so we will come back in another six months and put Andrew on an annual maintenance cleaning program.

Everyone wins, Andrew has saved hundreds of dollars and we get a repeat customer who is happy with our service.

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