Do You Have One of Those Difficult To Reach Gutters?

“Everything about the service was absolutely great. Very impressed with all, especially the professional approach to all. The gutters are absolutely spotless ., and parts of the roof were difficult to get to. The Roof Report and Before / After photos  was extremely helpful. EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH ALL!!! Thank you!  I have already recommended Gutter-Vac Kingston Tas. to others,! Sooo impressed!”, says Glenda from Pelverata, Hobart.

Glenda has a roof with decromastic tiles and you can not walk on this type of roof. Even the verandah roof had these tiles. Decromastic tiles are pressed metal sheets attached to the original roof. If walked on they can dent and make the tile look out of shape.

We solved the gutter cleaning problem by using a system that allows us to vacuum clean the gutters from the ground without accessing the roof. The pitch of the roof can be another reason that we need to use this system.

When a roof is too wet or we have a very cold start to the day and the roof is covered in frost or ice we vacuum from the ground.

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