Did You Know That We Clean Out Pits and Drains Here at Hobart Gutter-Vac?

You have pits and drains for a reason.

They are there for ground water, for plumbing from rooves and for other areas to allow the water to enter your storm water system.

Blockages that occur underground can be an expensive exercise to correct. Blockages can cause water to sit above ground, around your footings and foundations. This water could cause weakness in these foundations. It could seep under the house and cause a rising damp situation, causing a potential health risk.

Blocked or full drains and pits can be a breeding ground for bugs, bacteria, and cause rotting debris can cause a stagnant odour.

Regular cleaning of pits and drains keeps them clear of debris and allows the water to flow freely into the storm water system.

The cost of this preventative measue is far more desirable than the cost to repair damage caused by blocked drains and pits.

Are you getting your gutter cleaning done?

Get your pits and drains done at the same time and save money.

Call Chris and Therese today 1300 654 253.

Check out this video to see the gutter cleaning vacuum in action cleaning out a storm water pit.

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