Are You Ready For Tasmanian Weather This Winter?

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Are You Ready For Tasmanian Weather This Winter?

It’s that time of year again where the Tasmanian weather is staying true to its reputation.

Is your house/building ready to handle it?

Having a gutter maintenance plan is one thing you can do to prepare. Booking with Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania sooner rather than later, is a good idea, as our schedule fills up quickly. After your initial clean you will receive before and after photos as well as a report. This report recommends how frequently your gutters need to be cleaned. The report also notes if there are any damages to your roof/guttering. With this report, you can create a gutter maintenance plan.

So, why get your gutters cleaned?

  • Leaves, sticks, pine needles, lichen/moss and debris can build up and cause blockages
  • Prevents water ingress into the house and overflow into the foundations
  • Prolong the gutters life
  • Prevents vermin from living/nesting in your gutters

Have a look at this image and the surrounding trees. This allows access for vermin as the tree is so close to the roof and guttering. The gutters were very full at this property and would benefit from the tree being cut back away from the roof and gutter line. Access to the gutter was limited and the gutters could not be cleaned as thoroughly as we would have liked them to be. Having full gutters and obstructions, such as this tree, can cause damage to the structure of the roof, gutters and foundations on the property.

Prevention is better than cure. Bad weather can alert you to issues you have that may end up costing more than you bargained for. Getting your gutters cleaned on a regular basis means you are ready for rain events and are less likely to experience problems.

We have a maintenance program that our customers can be added to. An email is sent out at the agreed set schedule reminder. The majority of properties require a yearly clean but we can set the time period to what is required, be that biennial, biannual, or even five yearly. Our tailor-made reports recommend the frequency for each property.

So, are your gutters ready?

If not, you can call us to book in with one of our technicians or a get free quote. You can contact us on 1300 654 253 or click here to go straight to our website.