Leafy Gutter Clean in Kingston

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Leafy Gutter Clean in Kingston

With the winter leaves in their final days of falling, it’s time to ensure the gutters on your property are clear.

Plants germinate from birds sitting in the gutters or from the wind carrying seeds. A garden can then form in your gutters! You don’t want the roots of the plants to take hold and block gutters or spread their tendrils into the roof cavity.

To prevent this, you can obtain a free quote for a gutter clean from Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania.

Join the maintenance program and have a reminder emailed to you every time your gutter clean is due. You can choose the period between cleans or we can advise your best course of action.

After each gutter clean, you will receive a roof and gutter report and before and after photos. The report identifies the condition of the roof/gutters and whether there are any issues that require attention. Photos can be used to provide evidence to insurance companies to inform them of any maintenance that has been completed. These reports and photos are especially handy for property management agencies.  

Safety First in Dynnyrne Gutter Clean

“Happy to have a reminder thanks, though if we have another dry summer the old Blue Gum across the lane will have the gutters on that side full pretty early in the year and may beat you to it.  Angus turned up when he was supposed to, did a fast, tidy job, and was pleasant and generally efficient in the way he did the job.  I’d be happy to recommend Gutter-Vac, and Angus, and Fleur to anyone who shows an interest. My partner says I am too old to get up on the roof these days so you provide me with a valuable service!”

Tony, Dynnyrne Tas

Our team are very pleased when they get a mention in the feedback. We work very hard to provide a happy and professional Gutter-Vac experience for each client. It can sometimes be a hard process booking the work behind the scenes, what with the winter weather. Communicating with our clients and keeping them informed along the way is a priority of ours.

Safety is important. Employing the right people who are experienced in working at heights and are insured is a must. It is much better to have a professional on the roof instead of risking your safety.

Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania have you covered.

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning vs Hand Cleaning Gutters

There are multiple ways of completing a gutter clean.

  • Vacuum gutter cleaning
  • Hand cleaning
  • Washing gutters (not recommended as water can flow back into the roof cavity

Vacuum Cleaning Gutters

Vacuum cleaning gutters is an effective and efficient method of cleaning. All the debris and sludge is removed from the gutter. Vacuuming the corrosive sludge regularly will prolong the life of the guttering.

Blockages in the downpipe to the first bend are removed. If there are blockages further down, we can use a gutter snake to loosen and flush the debris. A plumber will be required if blockages are underground.

Hiring Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania to vacuum clean your gutters will take less time and will leave the job site clean and tidy.

Hand Cleaning

Cleaning gutters by hand is a longer process. The technician removes the debris, places it in a bucket, and collects the waste in a bale bag at the vehicle. This is time-consuming and physical. Climbing the ladder with the bucket or lowering it to the ground on a rope to empty each time it is full, could mean multiple trips off the roof, depending on the amount of debris in the gutters.

It is less likely you will remove all debris and the sludge that sits on the bottom of the gutter. Pulling out wet debris can cause a huge mess on the roof, side of the gutter, and on the ground. Therefore, clean-up now must be factored in.

 Some gutters have very little gap to get a hand into, thereby, not being able to remove any debris.

What is the Best Method for Cleaning Gutters?

Our team believes vacuum cleaning is the better and most efficient method to clean gutters. Sometimes the technicians must hand clean the gutters prior to vacuuming, as the gutters have bark and sticks in them which block the hose.

There are sites that don’t have access for our vehicles or are too high for our equipment to reach. Our technicians do have to hand clean these types of jobs. Our technicians do their very best to ensure the gutters are as clean as they can get.

You can request a free quote here or call us on 1300 654 253. Our office team will endeavour to organise a gutter clean using the best method to complete a professional service. Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania strive to make accommodations for the uniqueness of each property.

Gutter Cleaning Is A Physical Challenge

Gutter cleaning requires strength and stamina.

Working at heights is a physically demanding job. There are different types of roofs the technicians must access every day. Obviously, the easiest ones are the flatter, lower roofs.

But when these roof gutters are filled to the brim with debris, the challenge begins.

The grass in the photo above, has taken root in the gutter. The technician had to first cut the grass into smaller sections to remove the bulk by hand. The roots are densely compacted in the gutter, making them very difficult to remove. Our Working at Heights training ensures the technician stays within his pendulum. This is because he is working at the edge of the roof to pull out the grass.

The hard bit is done and then it is time to vacuum clean the gutter.

Have a look at these gutters!

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

Now this roof is a safer roof to work on. It is a box gutter with a parapet wall. It is good for us but the owner does not see the jungle growing in the gutter. This gutter will need regular maintenance to prevent major water damage.

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

The pitch on this roof was too steep to access. The only way to clean this was to put a ladder up to it and pull out the grass by hand. We use a ground vacuum system to then vacuum the gutters.

We can use this system to access quite high gutters. It is especially useful on buildings that have roofs that are either too steep or are too fragile to walk on. There are two properties in the north of Tasmania that we would not be able to do the work without this system.

The first time is always a challenge to remove the grass and compacted debris. When the pole is at the height of a nearly three-storey building, strength and patience are required to get the grass to a position for extraction.

There are many challenges in this job and each day/job presents our technicians with the opportunity to provide the best service they can. They come home each day tired and sore but with a sense of purpose. they have the job satisfaction of knowing what the gutters were like when they started and when they finish the clean.

Happy With Our Gutter Cleaning Service in Launceston

“Chris was prompt and very friendly. He explained what he was going to do. He also called to advise me when he would be there. Would highly recommend this company to anyone. Garry.”

Garry, Newnham TAS

Sometimes, a job does not go to plan. We could take longer or shorter than expected. If this happens, our technicians or a staff member from the office, will give the customer a call or text to advise the new time of arrival.

If you are like other customers and are quite curious as to how the gutters are cleaned or have any questions, feel free to ask the technician while on site. They would be pleased to answer. Please remember about social distancing though. We have a COVID plan in place and are happy to have no face-to-face contact in place, using the phone or email to communicate or we can practice the rules set out by the government at any given time regarding face-to-face contact.

Thank you, Garry, for the lovely feedback and appreciate the recommendation.

Are You Ready For Tasmanian Weather This Winter?

It’s that time of year again where the Tasmanian weather is staying true to its reputation.

Is your house/building ready to handle it?

Having a gutter maintenance plan is one thing you can do to prepare. Booking with Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania sooner rather than later, is a good idea, as our schedule fills up quickly. After your initial clean you will receive before and after photos as well as a report. This report recommends how frequently your gutters need to be cleaned. The report also notes if there are any damages to your roof/guttering. With this report, you can create a gutter maintenance plan.

So, why get your gutters cleaned?

  • Leaves, sticks, pine needles, lichen/moss and debris can build up and cause blockages
  • Prevents water ingress into the house and overflow into the foundations
  • Prolong the gutters life
  • Prevents vermin from living/nesting in your gutters

Have a look at this image and the surrounding trees. This allows access for vermin as the tree is so close to the roof and guttering. The gutters were very full at this property and would benefit from the tree being cut back away from the roof and gutter line. Access to the gutter was limited and the gutters could not be cleaned as thoroughly as we would have liked them to be. Having full gutters and obstructions, such as this tree, can cause damage to the structure of the roof, gutters and foundations on the property.

Prevention is better than cure. Bad weather can alert you to issues you have that may end up costing more than you bargained for. Getting your gutters cleaned on a regular basis means you are ready for rain events and are less likely to experience problems.

We have a maintenance program that our customers can be added to. An email is sent out at the agreed set schedule reminder. The majority of properties require a yearly clean but we can set the time period to what is required, be that biennial, biannual, or even five yearly. Our tailor-made reports recommend the frequency for each property.

So, are your gutters ready?

If not, you can call us to book in with one of our technicians or a get free quote. You can contact us on 1300 654 253 or click here to go straight to our website.

It’s More Than Just Gutter Cleaning in Kingston

“The young man who did the work for us was very polite, neat and well presented, talked me through what he was doing, very professional, even offered to trim the overhanging bushes. He did a great job of cleaning difficult gutters. Thank you!”

Clancy, Kingston Tas

At Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. It is not just about how our technicians clean the gutters but also how we interact with our customers. Our technicians are trained to work safely on varying roofs and gutters. If there is a small task our customers ask of our technicians, we would be happy to help, within reason. If it is something that is too much to do at the time of the booking, we can quote the extra work and book it for another day.

Thank you for the positive feedback, Clancy. We are glad to hear you were happy with our services.

Autumn Gutter Cleaning Maintenance For Southern Tasmania

The season of Autumn is upon us.

Have you considered cleaning your gutters?

It might be time to get your gutters cleaned before the falling leaves fill your gutters and cause issues.

If you live in Tasmania, it’s safe to say that you’ve seen a birch tree. Birch trees have trunks that are marked in different shades and colours. The lifespan of a birch tree is typically 80-140 years.

Birch trees flower and drop their seeds in spring while autumn is the time they drop their leaves. If you live around them, you may find that you need six monthly gutter cleans, due to the tree’s cycle. Birch trees have such fine leaves. They settle in the gutters and create the optimal environment for plants to grow. This will affect the flow of the gutters if left uncleaned.

Some people use gutter guard in areas where there is a birch tree. It is a good tool but only if you continue to clean off the top of the guard and are prepared to clean under the guard when there is a build-up of silt and sludge. When the debris sits on top for any period of time, it breaks down and falls through the holes of the guard. Too much debris collected on top can consolidate and cause blockage or overflow issues.

Installing the gutter guard in this instance, keeps the water flowing, as the foliage sits on top of the guard, allowing the water to pass along the gutters as it should. Combining a gutter clean maintenance means that the debris does not build up to create dams and cause water issues.

One thing to consider before installing any gutter guard is the expense. You will be cleaning on a regular basis with the guard in place anyway, so is it worth the expense to install gutter guard? If you are not having any issues with overflows or blockages while cleaning the gutters regularly without gutter guard, then it is safe to say that regular gutter cleaning would be a good maintenance plan. It will also prolong the life of the gutters.

Consider where those leaves are falling next time you look around. Clean the gutters now before you start to have any winter issues such as blockages and overflows or seeds start to germinate.

If you need a gutter clean, Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania are at your service. You can contact us on 1300 654 253 or request a free quote today here.

Great Communication Provided to Our Gutter Cleaning Customer in Kingston

“Operator arrived at time specified. Very pleasant young man. Was very conscious of safety. I had an enthusiastic 5 year old with me & operator alerted us to his needing to move heavy equipment near where we were venturing!”

Marie, Kingston Tasmania

Our team at Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania loved reading this feedback. We are trained in safety and strive to ensure the customers, people around us and ourselves are always safe.  All our technicians have their Working at Heights certificate and we are fully insured to work at any height.

We are pleased to hear the communication our technicians share with the people on site. Thank you for your feedback, Marie.

Overflowing Gutters in Hobart

“Great result, have had overflowing gutters for a few years, and finally got around to getting them done, they were full of old leaves. The comparison photos really helped understand how bad they were, and the condition report and recommendations were a great bonus. Thanks.”

Matt, Hobart Tasmania

Allowing gutters to overflow and create blockages, may cause fundamental issues to the foundations of the house. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly allows them to flow freely as well as increase their lifespan. One of the reasons we send out our before and after photos is so clients can see the state of their gutters and the result of our clean. It shows the importance in the maintenance of keeping gutters clear.

The roof report is a service we offer at no extra charge and all of our clients receive one. As many of our clients do not access their roof, the report allows us to let them know if anything is amiss and needs attention.

Thank you for the great feedback Matt, it is very appreciated.