Cleaning gutters on Townhouses and Unit Blocks

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Cleaning gutters on Townhouses and Unit Blocks

When there are several properties on the one space of land with “common areas” to all properties, they will have a body corporate (or strata) in place.  Each home owner (townhouse or unit owner) will pay a body corporate fee to maintain these common areas.

In many cases, this includes roof lines and guttering and that’s where we can help.

Instead of each owner having to manage, maintain and organise the cleaning of their gutters, they Body Corporate Manager (or Strata Manager) will organise this common area cleaning to be done and will use the funds from the Body Corporate levies to pay for it.

This is done with a budget and an annual schedule and so therefore we work with the Body Corporate Manger on the quote and the schedule to ensure the job is done and the owners need never think about having to organise this.

We work with Body Corporate Mangers right across Australia and because we are fully trained and insured to work at heights, it allows them to hire the professionals what is essentially a commercial job, even though it is on a residential property.  We won’t go into the details, but things work a little differently – especially with insurances – when working on a commercial job rather than a domestic job.  Luckily, at Gutter-Vac, we treat both the same and maintain safety and OH&S standards no matter what type of job we are on.

So if you live in a townhouse or a unit block and you believe the gutters have not been cleaned in some time and you’d like us to give you a free quote, contact your Body Corporate Manager and ask them to give your local Gutter-Vac Franchisee a call on 1300 654 253.