#2 Overall Franchise for the 2nd year!

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Top Franchise 2017

#2 Overall Franchise for the 2nd year!

I’m very excited to share with you that we have been awarded the #2 Overall Top Franchise for the second year running.

The Top Franchise awards are actually awarded on an extensive survey carried out and answered by our franchisees which, to me, makes these awards even more rewarding.

I can’t thank our franchisees enough for their efforts of building their own businesses, but for also working together to build the brand and helping each other.  It is pretty simple, I can’t be called a Franchisor without having Franchisees – they are my business.  We have a great group of franchisees that continue to work towards giving excellent customer service in an industry often overlooked.

This month we have had our biggest month of sales by the franchisees ever.  I never dreamed that this little idea I had way back when (20 years ago) when I was a plumber in Bundaberg, looking for a way to make gutter cleaning more effective and easier than by doing it by hand because I hated cleaning gutters by hand!  It is so rewarding to see something that you have put your heart and soul in to, as well as many, many hours, and see it grow into a business that is a success, not just for me, but for all of our franchisees.  It is so rewarding to create something that provides for many families, not just my own.  To be able to attract such quality people to our business, both franchisees and staff, is fantastic.

The Top Franchise awards also breaks things down into multiple different categories so head over to www.topfranchise.com.au to see a full list of the results, but I’m proud of what we stand for here at Gutter-Vac and just how far we have come.  The best thing is, we are not slowing down anytime soon!  I feel like we are just hitting our stride and we are ready to go to the next level, so there are many exciting times ahead for us here at Gutter-Vac.

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