Before and After Photos of Gutter Cleaning Are Great For Property Managers

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Before and After Photos of Gutter Cleaning Are Great For Property Managers

“Fantastic job, great to have before and after photos supplied, especially being a Property Manager, they were extremely efficient to deal with.”

Abby at PRD Nationwide Hobart

Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania provide gutter cleaning to residential and commercial properties. Every job completed receives before and after photos and a report detailing the work completed.

Residential customers can use this as proof of maintenance to their properties. This can be handy for insurance purposes. Commercial clients can use the information to manage their portfolios. The owners of the properties can see the work completed. They can then use the report to liaise with the real estate for further required maintenance.

We use a maintenance program that emails a reminder to clients when a gutter clean is due. The process is simple. An email is sent for approval of the gutter clean. Once accepted the work is scheduled. The following business day an invoice, report, and photos are emailed to the respective person. The maintenance program is set for the next gutter clean reminder.

Communication between clients, property managers, and tenants are coordinated by our office staff and technicians. We endeavour to keep everyone informed to make the process efficient and completed in a timely manner.

Leafy Gutter Clean in Kingston

With the winter leaves in their final days of falling, it’s time to ensure the gutters on your property are clear.

Plants germinate from birds sitting in the gutters or from the wind carrying seeds. A garden can then form in your gutters! You don’t want the roots of the plants to take hold and block gutters or spread their tendrils into the roof cavity.

To prevent this, you can obtain a free quote for a gutter clean from Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania.

Join the maintenance program and have a reminder emailed to you every time your gutter clean is due. You can choose the period between cleans or we can advise your best course of action.

After each gutter clean, you will receive a roof and gutter report and before and after photos. The report identifies the condition of the roof/gutters and whether there are any issues that require attention. Photos can be used to provide evidence to insurance companies to inform them of any maintenance that has been completed. These reports and photos are especially handy for property management agencies.  

Five Stars For Gutter Cleaning Service in Kingston Beach

“Both jobs were superb. Todd did a wonderful job with the gutters and even in the rain & the roof has never looked so clean! Both Chris & Todd made us feel comfortable in our own home while doing a tremendous job. We can’t wait to recommend G-V to our friends and will highly recommend G-V to anyone. 5 stars for all the questions. Kindest regards to both Therese and Chris please”

Judy, Kingston Beach Tas

WOW!!! Such lovely feedback from our Kingston Beach gutter cleaning job.

We cleaned the gutters, solar panels, skylights, and half the roof while battling the weather and a temperamental pressure cleaner. We are very happy to know the service was completed to the satisfaction of the customer.

Safety First in Dynnyrne Gutter Clean

“Happy to have a reminder thanks, though if we have another dry summer the old Blue Gum across the lane will have the gutters on that side full pretty early in the year and may beat you to it.  Angus turned up when he was supposed to, did a fast, tidy job, and was pleasant and generally efficient in the way he did the job.  I’d be happy to recommend Gutter-Vac, and Angus, and Fleur to anyone who shows an interest. My partner says I am too old to get up on the roof these days so you provide me with a valuable service!”

Tony, Dynnyrne Tas

Our team are very pleased when they get a mention in the feedback. We work very hard to provide a happy and professional Gutter-Vac experience for each client. It can sometimes be a hard process booking the work behind the scenes, what with the winter weather. Communicating with our clients and keeping them informed along the way is a priority of ours.

Safety is important. Employing the right people who are experienced in working at heights and are insured is a must. It is much better to have a professional on the roof instead of risking your safety.

Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania have you covered.

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning vs Hand Cleaning Gutters

There are multiple ways of completing a gutter clean.

  • Vacuum gutter cleaning
  • Hand cleaning
  • Washing gutters (not recommended as water can flow back into the roof cavity

Vacuum Cleaning Gutters

Vacuum cleaning gutters is an effective and efficient method of cleaning. All the debris and sludge is removed from the gutter. Vacuuming the corrosive sludge regularly will prolong the life of the guttering.

Blockages in the downpipe to the first bend are removed. If there are blockages further down, we can use a gutter snake to loosen and flush the debris. A plumber will be required if blockages are underground.

Hiring Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania to vacuum clean your gutters will take less time and will leave the job site clean and tidy.

Hand Cleaning

Cleaning gutters by hand is a longer process. The technician removes the debris, places it in a bucket, and collects the waste in a bale bag at the vehicle. This is time-consuming and physical. Climbing the ladder with the bucket or lowering it to the ground on a rope to empty each time it is full, could mean multiple trips off the roof, depending on the amount of debris in the gutters.

It is less likely you will remove all debris and the sludge that sits on the bottom of the gutter. Pulling out wet debris can cause a huge mess on the roof, side of the gutter, and on the ground. Therefore, clean-up now must be factored in.

 Some gutters have very little gap to get a hand into, thereby, not being able to remove any debris.

What is the Best Method for Cleaning Gutters?

Our team believes vacuum cleaning is the better and most efficient method to clean gutters. Sometimes the technicians must hand clean the gutters prior to vacuuming, as the gutters have bark and sticks in them which block the hose.

There are sites that don’t have access for our vehicles or are too high for our equipment to reach. Our technicians do have to hand clean these types of jobs. Our technicians do their very best to ensure the gutters are as clean as they can get.

You can request a free quote here or call us on 1300 654 253. Our office team will endeavour to organise a gutter clean using the best method to complete a professional service. Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania strive to make accommodations for the uniqueness of each property.

Deloraine Gutter Cleaning Service Really Appreciated

“Really appreciated Chris’s communication and advice on managing the gutters going forward. Great service, highly recommend.”

Melissa, Deloraine TAS

We endeavour to advise the best recommendations for our clients. The technician will provide a report after the job is completed. The recommendations include the frequency of your gutter cleaning maintenance. If you have issues such as cracked or broken tiles, loose sheets of iron, problems with flashing around the flue/chimney, and things that just don’t look right. If you have solar panels, we can let you know if they require a clean.

If you are on site at the time of the clean, you could talk to the technician or email us in the office to set your own schedule for gutter cleaning maintenance.

Thank you for the great feedback, Melissa. It is much appreciated.

Great Communication Provided to Our Gutter Cleaning Customer in Kingston

“Operator arrived at time specified. Very pleasant young man. Was very conscious of safety. I had an enthusiastic 5 year old with me & operator alerted us to his needing to move heavy equipment near where we were venturing!”

Marie, Kingston Tasmania

Our team at Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania loved reading this feedback. We are trained in safety and strive to ensure the customers, people around us and ourselves are always safe.  All our technicians have their Working at Heights certificate and we are fully insured to work at any height.

We are pleased to hear the communication our technicians share with the people on site. Thank you for your feedback, Marie.

A Maintenance Plan For Gutter Cleaning

Don’t have any trees around you?

Think you don’t need a gutter clean?

A layer of silt or growth that year after year builds up slowly and sits there – too heavy for rainwater to move will remain in your gutter.

Gutters may not be blocked or even overflow. There is damage being done, as the surface in contact with the layer of dirt/debris doesn’t dry out. Surface rust can start and it is only a matter of time if left unattended that rust sets in and holes appear.

Anything that sits on any surface for a period will weather it. A mossy, wet deck leads to rotted timbers if it does not dry out. A roof will deteriorate if debris if left to sit and build up. With this in mind, it makes sense to clean the gutter on a regular basis. It can help prevent long term dirt and grime build up leading to rusty guttering.

So, What Now?

If you have a rental property, or are part of a body corporate, or are unable to clean your own gutters, having a maintenance plan saves you over the long term. Proactive measures are better than replacing guttering after the fact and dealing with any damage caused as a result.

As part of our service, we offer ongoing maintenance plans for your property as well as our roof and gutter reports. We also provide before and after photos of the work completed. Regular gutter cleaning will look different for each property. Depending on the debris loading, amount of trees around or lack of, we can provide a suggested maintenance period or you can set your own. A reminder will be sent to you and there is no obligation to approve the gutter clean. It is an easy process to set up and you don’t have to worry about remembering, we do it all for you.

Overflowing Gutters in Hobart

“Great result, have had overflowing gutters for a few years, and finally got around to getting them done, they were full of old leaves. The comparison photos really helped understand how bad they were, and the condition report and recommendations were a great bonus. Thanks.”

Matt, Hobart Tasmania

Allowing gutters to overflow and create blockages, may cause fundamental issues to the foundations of the house. Getting your gutters cleaned regularly allows them to flow freely as well as increase their lifespan. One of the reasons we send out our before and after photos is so clients can see the state of their gutters and the result of our clean. It shows the importance in the maintenance of keeping gutters clear.

The roof report is a service we offer at no extra charge and all of our clients receive one. As many of our clients do not access their roof, the report allows us to let them know if anything is amiss and needs attention.

Thank you for the great feedback Matt, it is very appreciated.

Do You Have Small Trees Growing In Your Gutter?

The gutters are not the place for a tree to grow. The roots take hold of the gutter and the inside of the roof. Blockages occur and water ingress can be a result. We clean the valleys and any other area on the building that collects debris. Laserlite roofs of pergolas that are built on to make a barbeque area can sometimes catch debris on the roof and gutter line of the house.

This church has debris growing above the doorway, as pictured below. It is not a valley or gutter as such but a build-up that has allowed plants to take hold. These plants have grown in size and have now embedded their roots into the mortar and sandstone. We are going to have to poison them and wait for them to die, for removal. Should we try to pull out the plants, we risk damage to the sandstone and the building.

It is not a good idea to leave plants growing in the gutters or anywhere else on the building. If you can see plants give us a call and we can organise a free quote. We take away all the rubbish or we can leave you the plants to transfer to a better place for growing other than your gutters.