Time to Vacuum Clean Gutters at Schools

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Time to Vacuum Clean Gutters at Schools

The Easter School Holidays are a busy time for us at Gutter-Vac because this is when we clean the gutters at many schools in each and every franchise location before the leaves begin to fall in Autumn.

Schools understand that they need their gutters cleaned BEFORE leaves falls in Autumn as there has probably been a build-up in their gutters throughout the year and they don’t want to leave them get to a blockage point when the winter rains begin. 

The school holidays are also a great time of year to get us to come onsite at the school because the kids are on holidays.  It isn’t a problem to do the work whilst the kids are there, but it is certainly easier for everyone – us and the school if we do the work when the kids are not onsite.  Just from a safety aspect, it makes sense to do the work when the kids are not at school.

Easter is not the only school holidays that we do work in, in fact EVERY school holidays is busy cleaning the gutters at the school campuses. 

If you are Principal, School Maintenance/Property Manager or simply a concerned parent, now is the time to be giving us a call so that we can get the school quoted (free quote) and then booked to have their gutters cleaned.  Remember also that we can also clean solar panels to increase their efficiency plus also pressure clean to remove dirt, grime and mould from large surfaces.