Why are your gutters rusting?

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Why are your gutters rusting?

Gutters are out in the elements and it is only natural that because they are made of metal and exposed to all the weather that over time they will begin to rust, but you can slow this process down with a regular gutter clean.

When leaves and dirt build up in your gutters, along with rain water, this debris breaks down into a nutrient rich mud type of sludge.  It is this sludge that can cause a problem for your gutters.

This sludge will sit on the bottom of your gutters and not wash away.  Over time this sludge along with other debris will build up causing blockages in your gutters which means water will simply sit or pool within your gutter.

All of these things will shorten the lifespan of your gutters and speed up the rusting process of your gutters.

Now, if you have your gutters cleaned regularly, with our wet/dry vacuum system we will be able to remove this debris, including the sludge.  This means water will not sit in your gutters, but simply run through the gutter system, down the downpipes and away from your property.

A simple gutter clean at least once a year could potentially add years of life to your gutters and slow the rusting process.  Replacing gutters can be an expensive exercise so the more years you can get out of them, the better and a yearly vacuum gutter clean would be a wise investment in the lifespan of your gutters.