Gutter Cleaning for Retirement Complexes

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Gutter Cleaning for Retirement Complexes

This year we have seen a massive increase in the number of retirement complexes and villages that we have been providing a gutter cleaning service.

As the Australian population ages, more and more over 50 communities are being built and also because the residents are aging, these communities and complexes often provide a lot of the maintenance work on the outside of the buildings and their landscaping in the area.

Because of our specialised wet/dry vacuum system, plus our professionalism and working at heights credentials and insurance, the managers of these communities are loving what we can do for them.

Cleaning gutters by hand is not only inefficient, messy and does not provide a quality finished job.  The Gutter-Vac service is highly regarded, and can do the work to a high quality – fast!  Plus we are safety trained and insured, plus we take away all the debris leaving no mess behind.

The Gutter-Vac franchisees are also great with the residents, they let them know they are working in their ‘area’, street or court and they will be on the roof and in that area for a given time.  Many franchisees report that residents bring out deck chairs and watch them work.  The franchisees also get offered all manner of items from scones to cakes!  The residents love their work and because our company was set up on the value of customer service, the residents love the friendly nature of the franchisees who understand these are their homes.

So it ends up being a win:win all round.  The managers love the work we do, the residents rave about us, plus we love being able to help an entire community maintain their buildings and their homes in a fast, efficient and safe manner.

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