The Best Pubs in Australia

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The Best Pubs in Australia

Gutter-Vac is a nationwide group and we are all partial to a good beer at the local, so this month we thought we should bring some notable pubs to visit in Australia – be that for a beer or to visit a historical pub with a rich history.  Here’s some of our top picks to put on your list to visit….

  • Macquarie Arms Hotel, NSW

We have to start with Australia’s oldest pub that overlooks the Hawkesbury River.  A quick drive from Sydney but allow some time to sit and enjoy the view.

  • Taylors Arm, NSW

Remember the Slim Dusty song about the pub with no beer?  Well here it is.  In the little town (population of 50) of Taylors Arm.  If you are going to visit a pub, it doesn’t get more iconic than this one.

  • Birdsville Hotel, Queensland

Visited by locals and tourist alike, this is one for the bucket list.  Did you know that it doubles as the airport bar as the airport is across the road so you can sit back with a cold one and watch the small aircraft come and go.

  • Breakfast Creek Hotel, Queensland

Maybe a little biased as it is just down the road from our head office, but you just can’t beat a steak from the Breakfast Creek Hotel, so next time you are in Brisbane, stop in and order a steak.  Lots of history as well as some pretty fine beers to choose from.

  • Daly Waters Pub, Northern Territory

This is the oldest pub in the Territory and just a short 900 km drive north from Alice Springs (!)…. But what you might know this pub for is the bras that it has hanging from the ceiling and the bar that has ever inch covered with stickers. 

  • Prairie Hotel Parachilna, South Australia

Yep, this little gem is your typical country pub, but if you visit and decide to stay for a meal, you might just be game enough to order the Feral Mixed Grill !

  • Tanswells Commercial Hotel, Beechworth, Victoria

At first glance you might not know this pub or why you would visit, but you may just change your mind when you find out that it was reported that this was the ‘local’ for a guy you might know… Ned Kelly.

  • Pub in the Paddock, Pyengara, Tasmania

Can you get any more Australian than having a pub in the middle of a paddock?  We don’t think so.  You will find the Pub in the Paddock near the St Columba Falls and it has been there since 1880 !

This would certainly make an epic pub crawl to travel around Australia and visit all of these pubs, wouldn’t it?  How many on this list have you been to?  Which one is your favourite?