Stick to your goals this New Year

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Stick to your goals this New Year

Well, 2020 was an unusual one to say the least. It is not surprising the turn of events may have left you lacking motivation.

Have you ever realised you once had a plan to achieve certain goals, then before you know it, life’s distractions got in the way, and now the year is gone? We don’t know where the time goes either, but what we can tell you is proven strategies to maximise productivity. We’ve gathered up some findings from successful business owners and leading scientists to help give you a head start in the New Year.

1) Write it down

It sounds a bit cliché, but studies show writing down your goal really does work. But why does it work? Surely if you have a goal in mind that is enough, right?

Well, it works on a number of levels. Studies have shown you are 42% more likely to reach your goals by writing them down. You don’t have to be a scientist to recognise staring at a goal every day will help you remember it. And in today’s busy lifestyle, we can be certain you don’t need another thing to remember.

Stick your written down goal somewhere you will see it daily. Such as the fridge. Or if writing is not your thing, try pictures. Set a visual cue as your screen saver on your phone or computer. Or even write it down in your diary then set a daily reminder on your phone to look at it. Most of us are visually driven and respond to repetitively seeing visual cues.  Teach your brain you want and mean your goal by writing it down.

As Steve Jobs said, it all comes down to “focus and simplicity…once you get there you can move mountains.” Research shows what we focus on grows. Have ever had your eye on a particular product, and then suddenly notice this product everywhere?  It is the same with goals.

2) Make it important, and urgent

There are a lot of things that are not important, but seem urgent, like spending time on your phone/computer for example. They are urgent habits in the sense we may do them everyday, but they may not be important. Make your goals both important and urgent. This is an important aspect of goal setting! Write it down so it’s consolidated, and also have some accountability. If breaking a habit is one of your goals, experts say rather than change it, think about what you can add, to improve your lifestyle. Be patient with yourself. Studies have shown consistency is key to reaching your goals. Regardless of how small the steps may be, as long as they are consistent, you always put your best foot forward.

3) De-clutter

Research shows clearing the cobwebs from your house also clears your mind. What do you need to declutter? Is it your clothes drawer? Your pantry? Your outdoor living area? It can be hard sorting through clutter, but it is no secret an uncluttered mind is more content. It also allows for more free space to focus on your ambitions. Experts suggest using three piles to get clutter sorted – keep, throw away, and undecided. Pick one space and start small to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

2020 was a busy year for the Gutter-Vac team. We rose to the challenge of looking after our customers while adhering to social distancing requirements. We look forward to what the New Year ahead brings, and can’t wait to help you achieve your home goals. Happy New Year!