Something for Mum….

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Something for Mum….

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if like us, you want to share the love and show your Mum how much you care.

We talk about this all the time at Gutter-Vac that sometimes the best gift is not one that is bought simply at a store, but one that comes with thought of the person you are buying it for.

Of course, we totally support local small businesses so we hope that you will too, but stop for a moment before buying Mum the same thing you buy her every year, why not think a little outside the box.

What does she love?  What are her hobbies?  What would SHE like?

Most Mum’s love a thoughtful gift that is accompanied with quality time or an act of service so how could you add a little extra wow to your gift for your Mum.

Here’s some suggestions to give you a helping hand this Mother’s day.

  • A book

May seem simple, but what if it is also given with the day off!  Mum can curl up and have cups of tea (or coffee) delivered to her all day.  She doesn’t have to leave her favourite reading spot and you deliver all food to her.  PLUS no one asks her a question all day!  A simple gift of a book could be her favourite gift all year…. One day of guilt free reading!

  • A photo album

Imagine finding all of your favourite photos that are of memories of good times with your Mum.  Place them all in an album – doesn’t have to be a particularly special album either – and then when you give it to her, you take the next hour or so to talk about every photo in the album and the whole family can share stories of that memory.  It could take you the whole afternoon to go through a simple photo album.

  • Flowers

Does your Mum love to garden?  Imagine giving your Mum a single flower but attached to its stem is a gift card to the local nursery.  Make a day of it.  Go and help her get all her plants then come home and help her plant them.  Imagine the chatting that would happen working in the garden with your Mum whilst you create a memory to hold onto forever.

  • Chocolate

An old favourite to give to your Mum on Mother’s day, but how could you make it a real wow?  Perhaps with each chocolate, there is a note to your Mum.  Maybe something you love about her or maybe a story to share.  Then she gets to play ‘lucky dip’ on each chocolate to find out the memory or story you want to share with her.

  • A rug & slippers

This one might seem a little bizarre but in May, it is starting to get cooler so a rug she can put over her knee and a pair of cosy slippers might be just the thing she needs especially if you pair it with some freshly cooked popcorn and a movie marathon.  Now with things like Netflix, we can dig out all of those favourites – old and new – and make Mum’s day.

Take the time to make this Mother’s Day one your Mum won’t forget because rather than just a standard gift, you put in a little thought and not only give a gift, but also create a memory she won’t forget.