EnviroClean Works!

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EnviroClean Works!

Have you heard about our new product EnviroClean yet?

EnviroClean is a specialised product to clean off moss, mould and lichen from your roof, exterior walls and any exterior surface.


It doesn’t contain any chlorine bleach chemicals and is non-dangerous to use.

So not only is it environmentally friendly – because when you apply a product to your property (roof, walls or any exterior surface), it will be washed down your drains out to our waterways, potentially harmfully polluting the environment – but EnviroClean works!

Our franchisees have been using the product now for a couple of years (prior to its official release) on all sorts of properties and surfaces and it is getting amazing results.

EnviroClean has a little bit of magic to it.  Not only does it work straight away on your surface, it has special ingredients (that we like to call the magic) that will not only continue to remove mould, moss and lichen, it will also protect your property from more forming.

Each time it rains, the particles within the EnviroClean are ‘reactivated’ which means they get back to work removing moss, mould and lichen.  In fact, after your property has been cleaned, you might find that it looks even better in a few months when EnviroClean has had some extra time to work on those stubborn sections.

We recommend re-applying the product to your property every 12 months to continue to do this ‘behind the scenes’ work every time it rains. 

Such an easy way to keep unsightly mould and lichen at bay.

Our franchisees are more than happy to apply the product for you (which we highly recommend if you would like your roof treated as it is simply unsafe for you to be on your roof without the correct safety training and equipment) or you can purchase EnviroClean from our website – www.guttervac.com.au – if you have surfaces that you could easily DIY.

If you would like a free quote from a Gutter-Vac franchisee in your local area, simply call 1300 654 253 or visit our website – www.guttervac.com.au – to request a quote.