What about the gutters on your investment property?

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What about the gutters on your investment property?

Having your gutters cleaned can be a property maintenance task that is easily overlooked or simply forgotten.  How often do you look up at the gutters on your home and wonder when was the last time they were cleaned or is there anything in my gutters?

We all know that having your gutters cleaned is an essential property maintenance task because blocked gutters followed by a heavy rainfall can lead to potentially disastrous water damage to your home.

So the question is, if we often overlook or forget to look up and think about our gutters on our own home, what about the gutters on your investment property?  They are not something you see every day so will be even easier to overlook than those on your own home.

We service many investment properties for our customers.  The thing they love most, other than that we can take care of the gutters effectively and efficiently, that we are fully insured or that we can provide a tax invoice for claiming this expense on their investment property, our customer love that we can remind them when the next gutter cleaning service is needed.  It means not having to try and remember that the gutters need to be cleaned, we can take that off your mind and simply send a text or email when the next service is due.

When was the last time you had your gutters on your investment property cleaned?  Give us a call on 1300 654 253 and enter the postcode of where the investment property is and you will be put through to the local franchisee which is great for those that have investment properties interstate or simply not down the road from where they live.  Get the same great service nationwide.