Increase the efficiency of your home with your insulation

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Increase the efficiency of your home with your insulation

Coming into the winter month’s we are all thinking about how to keep our houses warm, but also keeping our energy bills down.  There is a hidden secret to this and that is your insulation.

Yes, by all means you should be checking all the seals on doors and windows, making sure your heaters are performing efficiently, close your blinds and warm only the parts of the house you need, but when did you last inspect your insulation?

Insulation plays such a bit part in keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, yet we often don’t think about it?

Insulation doesn’t last forever and especially if you have some little critters running around in your ceiling cavity, your insulation may have broken down and not performing at its peak.

At this time of year, we start to do a lot of what we call ceiling cavity cleans and a lot of these are not just for the dirt and dust build up in your ceiling cavity (which by the way, if you have asthma is a good thing to remove to help asthma attacks from fine dirt and dust particles dropping through the ceiling) but also to remove the old insulation. 

Insulation can be messy stuff and it is not easy or as simple to remove as people assume.  Plus once removed, you want to give the ceiling a good vacuum clean to remove all the dirt and dust before new insulation goes down.

Now working in a ceiling cavity, removing or installing insulation or even doing a simple dirt and dust vacuum should not be done by just anyone.  This can be a dangerous task and should be done by a professional.  When we are about to do a job such as this, we will walk you through what needs to happen – such as turning off power – and how we will go about the job on your property as no two properties are the same.  Always, always hire a professional who knows what they are doing.

So if you are wondering if your home is ready to keep all that warm energy inside and that cold winter weather outside, don’t forget to check your insulation as it could be the hidden secret to keeping your energy bills lower this winter.

How’s your insulation performing?

Keeping the warm in your home during winter is not only a good idea for your personal comfort, but it is also a consideration on your energy usage. 

If your insulation is old and not performing the way it used to, then it might be time to have it replaced.  You will notice your energy costs are going up and it takes that bit more to keep your house warm during winter.

The challenge with replacing insulation is removing the old insulation from the ceiling cavity.  Even insulation that was laid in batts may no longer be in batts!  Over time it may have broken down so instead of nice rectangular batts that would be easy to remove, they could be in lots of little clumps of insulation. 

If you had ‘blow in’ insulation, then vacuuming it out is the only way to remove it.

We work with many insulation companies to come in and remove the old insulation before they put in the new insulation into your property.  The great thing is, that at the same time as removing the old insulation, we can also do a dirt and dust vacuum to pick up all that dirt, dust and often pest droppings that have settled under the insulation on your ceiling.

If you or anyone in your home suffers from asthma, a ceiling cavity dirt and dust vacuum is a great idea as these dirt and dust particles will filter through the ceiling causing asthma suffers some grief.

Working in a ceiling cavity is not a DIY job.  It can potentially be very dangerous working in a small confined space and electricity is a major danger point.  You never want to do this as a DIY job or a quick cash job to a guy down the street, you need to use a professional. 

If you haven’t had your insulation replaced in a while, it could be worth considering to increase the efficiency of your home.  A dirt and dust vacuum (with or without insulation removal and replacement) is also a good idea for the health of everyone in your home.  With our specialised vacuum system and professional training (plus fully insured) we can help you out with all of the above, just give us a call on 1300 654 253 to discuss your needs.

Let’s talk about cleaning ceiling cavities…

Did you know that we can clean your ceiling cavity?

Are you wondering why anyone would want their ceiling cavity cleaned? 

There are actually a number of reasons why including:

  • Replacing your insulation and need to clean out the old insulation
  • A Dirt and Dust clean – perfect for home owners that suffer from asthma or allergies where the dirt and dust drop down causing them breathing issues
  • About to renovate so get a clean slate start
  • Pest and rodent issues requiring a clean after removal

Working in a ceiling can be hot work and is often a confined space, so we like to schedule ceiling cavities in the cooler months – avoiding summer.  Now is the idea time to consider having your ceiling cavity cleaned.

This is also an ideal time to consider if your insulation needs replacing.  Many properties have had ‘blow in’ type of insulation, that without a vacuum is almost impossible to remove. 

Even batts break down over time and you will find that once the batts are removed, there is a huge amount of dust and dirt so it is a great time to get it clean prior to new insulation. 

Now is a great time to replace your insulation before the winter months hit us so that your home is effectively insulated making it more efficient to heat and then cool in summer.

So if you’ve never thought about what is going on in your ceiling cavity, now is the time to give us a call and discuss what you need.  We are more than happy to provide you with a free quote and explain the process. 

For a standard 3 bedroom house, it will generally take about a day to complete this job.

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