Before And After Photos In Watanobbi.

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Before And After Photos In Watanobbi.

Whenever Gutter-Vac Tuggerah Lakes in Central Coast vacuums gutters, we take before and after photos of the gutters to show the home or business owner. Customers are not expected to climb onto the roof to look at how good the workmanship , so Team Gutter-Vac Tuggerah Lakes takes photos before and after photo and provide them at no cost .

These Before & After photos of the gutter could come in handy if there is ever an insurance claim to be able to prove the gutters have been professionally maintained and cleaned.

Give Gutter-Vac Tuggerah Lakes in Central Coast a call on 1300 654 253 and have peace of mind that your gutters have been professionally maintained.

Great Team Work in Tuggerah Lakes

We often arrived on jobs were we needed for more than one service.  Just today we were doing the vacuum gutter cleaning for a customer and then they also needed their solar panels cleaned.

For this type of job team work is working well. We will send out more than one member of our team.  It works great team work.   One of our guys was up on the roof vacuum cleaning the gutters and at the same time, our second guy was cleaning the solar panels.

Same job, but done in half the time as it would take for a single staff member.

Why do we like to double up on team members on jobs were multiple services are required?

Team work not only does it help our staff to feel more motivated, it also means we are on site at a customers for less time. 

There are a lot of safety issues and precautions that need to be taken on every site and by minimising our time on site, this kind of team work can help with any on the ground safety precautions – not so much on the roof.  It also means the customers don’t have people running around onsite that might be holding up their day – although you don’t need to be home for us to do our work. 

All in all, team work is one the great benefits of what we do. 

Get your solar panels washed whilst we are on the roof cleaning the gutters.