Do You Know What is Growing in Your Gutters?

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Do You Know What is Growing in Your Gutters?

These gutters in Sandy Bay were in dire need of a gutter clean. The roots and debris from this plant and the surrounding trees have prevented free flowing gutters for a very long time. When the gutters are blocked, the water does not flush to the downpipes.

Water held in the gutter caused by a blockage

If a tree hangs over the roof, it may be worth cutting it back. The leaves from the tree are much more likely to fill and block the gutters. Trees scrapping along the roof also make it slippery due to the polishing effect. Cutting them back can reduce the bulk of debris filling the gutters and significantly reduce the chance of blockages occurring.

The compacted debris in the gutter is heavy and gutters full of water put extra strain on the gutter clips and can pull the gutter away from the fascia boards, causing further issues and expenses. This can be avoided by getting a frequent gutter clean.

Do you clean your gutters frequently? Does grass cause blockages in your gutters? It is probably time to call the professionals in to clean the gutters. You can get a free quote here or call  1300 654 253.