Cleaning gutters from the ground up!

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Cleaning gutters from the ground up!

Although it is easier for us to vacuum clean gutters from the roof, it is not always possible.  Sometimes the pitch of the roof is simply to great that it is unsafe to work on the roof.  Other times there could be a slight misty rain or even frost or in some cases ice and snow on a roof, again making it unsafe to be on the roof.  Another reason we can’t work from the roof is due to lack of access.  There is no safe way to access the roof space or that there simply isn’t the space to even put up a ladder to access the roof surface.

In these cases, it doesn’t mean we can’t vacuum clean the gutters, we just do it from the ground.

We have a specialised ‘Ground Worker’s Kit’ that allows us to connect up to the vacuum and through a series of cylinder shaped poles, we can work up to 3 storeys below the gutters.

At the top of our poles we have a ‘candy cane’ shaped piece of piping that is transparent.  This allows us to see what is being vacuumed by the machine and what is coming out of the gutters.

To be honest, most of our franchisees can tell by the simple feel of the suction and the guide of the gutter if they are getting it all. 

Even our before and after photos can be done from the ground if required.  Again, we put a camera on a large pole and can take photos before and after the job is done.

We have a few defence force building and local city councils that regulate that all work needs to be done from a ground level and this is where our ground workers kit gets a real workout.

So if you have a property with limited or no access, a steep roof or the conditions are simply not favourable – or safe – for us to be working on the roof, we can still get the job done and vacuum clean your gutters for you.