Disinfectant Services

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Disinfectant Services

The world certainly changed a lot this year and with the introduction of social distancing, mask wearing and hand washing and sanitizing to protect us from COVID-19 came into our day to day life.

Early in the story of COVID-19 this year, we were getting requests from some of our commercial clients on if we could help them out and provide disinfectant services to their properties, so we started the process of introducing this as a service to Gutter-Vac for, in particular, our commercial customers.

This wasn’t a fast process and we wanted to do it right.  It is simply not a matter of going out to a property and splashing about a lot of chemicals and in fact, if someone says they can do this, then stop and run away as this is an extremely dangerous practice if not done correctly.

The first thing we had to find was a chemical that was effective (and to date, no chemical can be said to prevent COVID-19.

We use a chemical called BactaExTM that will kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria (the highest rating you can get), but at the same time it is a food grade chemical.  That is, it is safe to use in food preparation areas, which also means it is safe to pets and children.  We didn’t want to use a chemical that would be harmful, expect to kill off a virus of course!

When doing a disinfectant service we must use all the protective personal equipment (PPE) such as a suit, gloves, mask – not because of the chemical we use, but to protect us in case the virus is present in the premises we are about to disinfect.  So many people get concerned when they see us ‘suit up’, worried that the chemical will be harmful to them, but it is not to protect us from the chemical, but to protect us from a possible virus infection present.

So once we found the right disinfectant to use, we set about having the right equipment and the correct training for our franchisees.  This is why we say you need to be wary of people offering to do disinfectant services that are not from reputable companies.  Did you know that there is even a government introduced code of conduct for disinfectant services?  If the company you are about to use doesn’t know that there is a code of conduct, then likely they are not doing the service correctly.

The final piece of the puzzle was to have all the correct documentation for us and for you.  This included the correct legal documents and waivers to provide this service PLUS the correct insurances.  To get insurance on providing such a service is no small task and if a company doesn’t offer insurance, then this is another point to ring an alarm bell because after going through the process to be able to get insurance, you certainly have to have EVERYTHING done correctly so it is a good quick question to know if a company is providing the service correctly and legitimately. 

So after a lot of work in a short amount of time, Gutter-Vac can now provide a disinfectant service for your premises.  This service is obviously not provided by all of our franchisees at this stage as they have not yet all gone through the training, but they are working together with neighbouring franchisees that are trained to provide the service so can pass you to the closest franchisee who can help you with your disinfectant services.

If you are requiring a service, then please fill in our request a quote form and we can get the closest trained franchisee to contact you in regards to your disinfectant service required. 

Did you know we can do Disinfectant Services?

The last few months have seen a lot of changes to day to day life, but as we all start to head back into our work places and businesses now allowing the general public and their clients to return, the question of ‘is it safe?’ is arriving.

We have had many of our long term customers approach us to see if we could help them with a disinfectant service because they wanted it done professionally and trusted that we would do the research and put all the precautions in place.  And that is exactly what we have done. 

Be careful of any provider making unrealistic claims – even that their service will kill and stop COVID-19 because this virus is so new, making this claim could be false.  If they say, as we do, that it will kill 99.99% of viruses, then that is OK, but straight out claims on COVID-19 could be a little premature.

In fact, did you know that there has been a code of conduct released in Australia on providing disinfectant services?  If your provider looks at you like you have two heads if you ask them if they are following this code, then it is probably a warning bell that they are not doing the right thing.

We did the research and took our time to implement disinfectant services the right way.  We are using a disinfectant called BactaEx™ which will kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria as well as odours.  It is a food grade disinfectant which means it is safe to use in food preparation areas PLUS also then means it is friendly for people and pets.  In fact, after the disinfectant service you can re-enter the space immediately.

We are fully insured to use this product and the process of disinfecting – another thing you should be asking for because to be insured, you MUST have all the correct legal documents and correct testing on the product being used to gain insurance. 

This is a new world we are living in and things have changed rapidly, but it is important to ensure that you are creating a safe environment for your staff, customers or guests.  The disinfectant service we offer is simple, effective and economical.

If you would like more information or have questions, request a quote (click the request  quote button at the top of this page) or give us a call on 1300 654 253. 

**Please note, due to the nature and training involved with this process, not all of our franchisees are yet able to provide this service, but please enquire and if they are unable to do the service but a neighbouring franchisee can, they will direct you to the right person to help you further or put you in touch with us at Head Office.