Your Checklist to Getting Organised this Christmas

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Your Checklist to Getting Organised this Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has definitely begun. We are making a list and checking it twice! Most of us are spending Christmas at home this year, so we thought we would compile a list to get your home looking great for the occasion. Plus, it’s always a nice feeling to move into the New Year with your home space feeling fresh.

  • Get the kitchen organised. Clean the fridge, freezer, and pantry in anticipation of more leftovers and cooking supplies. More Tupperware containers can be handy. Freeze, label, and date food.  Make sure food is kept at correct temperature. Check out Queensland Health’s factsheet here.  As a quick guide, cooked turkey should be eaten within two days of cooking, and don’t reheat more than once. Smoked salmon should be eaten within three days of opening. Whole cooked ham can be kept in the fridge for five days, and two days if it is sliced. For more info, check out this article.
  • You may also want to consider booking in a service for your fridge given the busy-ness of the kitchen this time of year.
  • Clean the Barbie. From our research, the best method is to use oven cleaner and let it sit for about twenty minutes or so, (depending on the type of cleaning agent applied), before thoroughly washing off.
  • Give the outside of the house a freshen up. Are you considering taking Christmas lunch outdoors this year? Then it is worthwhile considering getting your outdoor entertaining area up to scratch. It is the perfect time to attend to the jobs you’ve been putting off!
  • If you’re filling the Esky, make sure you have adequate ice to keep the drinks cold!
  • Service your air-conditioning system to keep it functioning well ahead of hot summer nights.
  • Get medical appointments sorted, and keep medications on hand before medical practitioners close for the year.  
  • Check Christmas lights and tree. Make sure the lights don’t overload and trip the circuit.
  • Consider having a pest professional treatment for ants and other pests.  
  • Think about a plan to minimise flies ahead of the big day. Make sure fly screens are intact etc.
  • Ensure the car is up-to-date with servicing ahead of any road trips.
  • Keep cooked bones and chocolate away from pets. Many vets can attest to chocolate poisoning in dogs this time of year.
  • Clean the pool/ check the pool filter if you have one. Make sure the pool fence is secure.
  • Make your home smell enticing for guests. You don’t need artisanal expensive candles to make your home inviting. A simple trick is to place home made fragrances, (think condiments, spices, even fruit) into a saucepan, cover with water and leave to simmer away.  Theses natural aromas will make your home smell like Christmas! Just make sure to keep an eye on the pot and top up the water accordingly. A good Christmassy combo is orange peels, apple slices, cinnamon, and start-anise.
  • Lastly, stay safe and keep your wits about you. It is a scary thought, but Christmas is a prime time for home break-ins. Make sure your home is secure to prevent break ins, (apart from Santa of course).

This year has been challenging for many of us. We think a well-deserved break with loved ones is in order! Organising the biggest date of the year is much more simple with some early planning. Whatever your plans, the team at Gutter-Vac wish you a safe and happy festive season!

Stress Free Christmas Tips

Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year with lots going on, lots of people coming and going, plus finding that perfect gift for a loved one, but what can we do to make life a little less stressful at this time so that we can also enjoy this festive time!

Here’s 5 of our top tips….

Tip #1 – Preparation

Being prepared is a must for any time you are about to go into a stressful time.  If you were to take an overseas holiday (ok, maybe not this year!) how long would you spend in preparation and planning to make it the best trip ever?  You would never turn up to the airport on the day of departure and then decide where you want to go.  We spend so much time, yet when it comes to Christmas, we often leave things to the last minute. 

Be like Santa…. Make a list and check it twice!  Being prepared and organised will massively reduce stress levels.

Tip #2 – Remember

Remember what this time of year is actually all about for you and your family.  Is it all about having the perfect lunch with all the trimmings, or is it about laughing and spending time with your family.  Maybe it is time to throw out your traditions if they are stressing you out.  Maybe you don’t need 4 different roasts, maybe just one would be enough to provide a great meal that allows everyone to spend time with each other.  Maybe it is time to do what is ‘right’ for you and your family, rather than what is ‘expected’ of us at this time of year.

What sort of Christmas do you want and then plan the day to allow that to happen.

Tip #3 – Budget

This budget tip actually fits in with tip #1 and #2 because you need to be prepared and also remember what it is you want to achieve.  Make a list and set a budget for things such as presents so that you don’t end up having a “budget hangover” in January from overspending at Christmas.  Maybe this is the year to make gifts for family and friends.  What would be a thoughtful gift rather than just an expensive gift. 

Tip #4 – Care

A busy and stressful time can also mean that you may not look after yourself.  Watch how much you eat and drink during this festive season…. Yes we really just said that!  Make sure you are getting enough sleep and that you take a little time out for yourself.  For a time that should be a great time to spend with your family and rest and recover going into the new year, we often do the opposite and wear ourselves out.  Now, don’t get us wrong, if you want to go to parties and spend time with friends and extended family, then that is great!  But if you find yourself getting particularly stressed over this time, then take a little time out for you.

Tip #5 – Fun

Make sure you have some fun this year over the festive season.  A good laugh, lots of chats and spending time with your family (well the ones you like!) can be great for your soul.  Often times we go into a busy time of the year assuming it will be stressful and guess what, we make it stressful.  What if you decided this year instead of stressful you made it fun?  It can happen, but you need to decide that that’s how it will happen!  Prepare for fun rather than stress.

We hope that this is a great little reminder for the coming weeks to not make this time of year stressful, but instead enjoy this time.  We are wishing you a very Merry …. And stress free…. Christmas!