Why does frequency matter when it comes to gutter cleaning?

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

Each customer receives before and after photos as well as a roof report. One of the features of the roof report is a recommendation of how frequently we think your gutters need cleaning. We recommend frequencies based on certain factors. An example is how much debris was in the gutters vs when the gutters were most recently cleaned and the type of trees that surround them, just to name a few.

Along with this report, we offer a reminder service. We will send a reminder the next time your gutters need cleaning, based on the frequency that was recommended. Of course, if the customer wishes not to receive reminders, we respect that and if they wish to modify that frequency to their own, we can accommodate.

Have a look at what this customer’s gutters looked like in September 2022 and then again in September 2023.

If this customer waited any longer to get their gutters cleaned, they could have risked damaging their gutters. Debris is quite heavy, especially when it is wet. This puts great strain on your gutters and the brackets that hold them against the house. If you don’t get your gutters cleaned, it doesn’t just cause potential blockages/overflow issues, it has quite a larger impact.

Debris can build up quite quickly. If you are having issues with your gutters and need them cleaned, let us create a maintenance plan personalised just for you.

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