Weather Conditions That Affect Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Hobart

“Despite the appalling weather conditions Chris cleaned my roof and gutters and installed bird proofing. He was unable to complete job due to excessively windy conditions but arranged a return date. I am extremely happy with your service.”

Marie, Kingston Tasmania

Working out doors can be such a pleasure. We get to access all kinds of roofs and each roof provides us a different view. We are very fortunate to live in a city that offers different views depending where you are situated, be it on the water of the Derwent, facing Mt Wellington or overlooking the pastures of our beautiful countryside.

Working at heights is something we are all trained for at Gutter-Vac Tasmania. A factor we have to consider is the weather. This can be a major restriction in the work we do.

  • Rain – the roof is too slippery to walk on and we risk falling. If there is light showers about we can use our ground workers system but this depends on the amount of rain fall entering the gutters. It is pointless sucking up the water from full gutters as it creates issues with our specialised vacuum system. We call a rain day and go home. If we wake to rain, the day is usually called off unless the rain looks like it will clear and we can complete one or two jobs.
  • Wind – strong wind is just too dangerous to be on a roof period. Gusty wind is also dangerous, as it can catch the technician unawares.
  • Ice – we have been known to break ice in the gutters even in the middle of the day in some areas. Again, we would use our ground workers kit. But if we can’t get the ice broken to smaller pieces, it makes it difficult to suck into the vacuum.
  • Afternoon Dew – our technicians have to be aware of the lateness of the day and the sun going down when dew appears on the roof. They could be halfway around a roof when this happens so they need to be careful in their steps back to the ladder. It the roof is already a slippery one they need to make sure they are off the roof or use the ground kit before dew appears.
  • Snow and frosty conditions – when the morning presents itself with these conditions, there is nothing we can do but delay the beginning of the day.

We are the gutter cleaning professionals that will get the job done safely and if it is not possible on the day we will reschedule for another day. Safety is of paramount importance to Gutter-Vac Tasmania.

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