We Do a Lot of Gutter Cleaning for Real Estate Property Managers

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania do a lot of gutter cleaning for real estates around Hobart, Burnie, Devonport and Launceston.

Our reports and photos are good tools for property managers to use when looking after property portfolios.

Our photos not only show the work has been completed but any other issues that need attending to. We found the eaves needed to be repaired on one property.

We have found issues with roofing, such as broken tiles, repointing needs doing, tiles out of place, and roofing iron needs re-nailing or re-screwing. Aerial anchors have been loose or not attached at all. Downpipes can come away from the pop in the gutter or become dislodged at ground level.

These are all issues that the agents need to be made aware of to prevent further damage and costly expenses.

Another service we offer is a reminder for a gutter clean. We recommend a period for cleaning or the agent can choose a different time scale. Once it is set in the system, we will send out a reminder when the gutter clean is due. The agent then sends us a work order once they have approval for the clean. We do the rest. We organise with the tenant for an appointment and let the agent know when we are attending. Once the clean is completed, the agent gets the report and photos.

We also do work when an agent has done an inspection of the property and finds the gutters in need of a gutter clean. They send us the work order and off we go from there. That property is then put in our system of reminders unless told otherwise.

Grass seen from the ground at an inspection instigated a work order for this gutter clean

But it is not only real estates that receive reports, photos and reminders….


Regardless of whether being a commercial client or a residential client, everyone gets the same top service that we provide.

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