Timely Communication For Rescheduling Gutter Cleaning in Blackmans Bay

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

“Booking needed to be rescheduled several times, and staff were always timely in their communication.  Due to having bird proofing installed the job required more time and manpower so cost more than I had budgeted for. I was able to pay in instalments, which I greatly appreciated.”

Sue, Blackmans Bay Tasmania

Appointments sometimes need to be rescheduled due to weather, be it wind or rain, sick staff, or the client wanting a new time. We do have a system in place to cover these events and do our very best to make sure our customer is happy with any changes made. It is our policy to ensure the customer or tenant of a rental property is kept informed of any changes made along the process of the gutter cleaning. We also keep the property manager informed of the changes too.

Sometimes a job can become bigger than expected. For example, if a gutter guard is installed and the customer is only expecting to have one section of guttering, where the grass is showing, cleaned. We get there and find all the gutters are full. This means removing the guard, vacuum cleaning the gutter and refitting the guard. It is a time-consuming job and labour intensive, therefore a costly exercise. We understand unexpected expenses and prior to the work being started, we were asked if this bill could be paid in two instalments a few weeks apart. It is not something we do regularly, as we have our own expenses to cover.

Thank you Sue for taking the time to provide a testimonial for your gutter cleaning in Blackmans Bay.

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