Importance of Gutter Cleaning in a Bushfire Area

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

Living in a bushy area can mean taking extra precautions when it comes to preparing your property in case of bushfires. Making sure your gutters are clean is at the top of the list.

Grass and leaf debris can be ignited by flying embers and then a fire starts in the gutter.

When a property is located in a bushy zone, the gutters are more likely to fill with leaf and tree debris, as will any valleys and flatter rooves. This material will decompose over the time it sits there. Birds and wind drop grass seeds and a lovely crop grows in the nutrient-rich matter decomposing in the gutters.

Plants grow and root systems take hold of the gutter and the downpipes, as pictured below.

Not only do you have issues of possible bushfire hazards but you are also presented with blockage problems when it rains.

You might live right out in the bush or in Mount Nelson, where this property had a gutter clean. A bushfire can still pose a threat in the suburbs too.

It just makes sense to clean the gutters and protect your property. It is an expensive investment and maintaining it in good order only adds value to that investment.

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