Having a Gutter Clean…Why Not Get The Solar Panels Cleaned Too?

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter and Solar Panel Clean Blackmans Bay

“Gutter-Vac operators Simon and Chris were highly professional as always, coping with some pretty dramatic weather on their visit. Both gutters and 23 solar panels were thoroughly cleaned. The report provided was excellent.”

Pru, Blackmans Bay Tasmania

Do you have solar panels installed?

Did you know that we clean solar panels?

When combining a gutter clean and a solar panel clean we charge a cheaper price for the solar panel clean, as we are already set up on the roof for the gutter clean.

Imagine looking through the windscreen of your car. The dirt and grime of the environment cover the outside surface and make it dirty. Regular washing of it allows you to see through the glass.

Your solar panel is the same. It collects the dirt and grime and becomes less efficient. Cleaning them will increase the power generating capabilities.

It might seem like an easy DIY job to clean gutters or solar panels BUT the safety aspect should be seriously taken into consideration.

Firstly, there is the issue of working from heights for either a gutter clean or solar panel clean.

Secondly, there is the hose and water to consider. Water to any roof surface will greatly increase the risk of slipping and could end in falling off the roof.

Why risk a fall in either of these two activities?

Get your gutters and solar panels cleaned in the same visit and save money.

We suggest that you give us a call and we can do up a free quote for you.

PH: 1300 654 253

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