Full Internal Valley in Evandale

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

We have some very old buildings in Tasmania that are heritage listed.

This roof configuration is such that the valley is in the middle, as per the picture above. The roof is too steep to access. We must enter through a manhole in the ceiling to the roof cavity and then out another manhole to access to the roof. With all the trees around this property, the valley can catch the debris and easily become an issue if left there. This is the building from the ground and is two storeys but measures nearly three with the foundations and the high ceilings. We must use our ground worker’s system due to the pitch of the roof.

There are different types of heritage-listed buildings and we have quite a few of them to do as regular gutter cleans. For some, we can access the roof to vacuum clean the gutters as per our normal process and for some, we use our ground worker’s system. There are various reasons for this; the pitch of the roof, the roof being slate or not being able to anchor ourselves to the roof.

For whatever the reason may be, vacuuming on the roof or using our ground worker’s system, the results are still the same, clean gutters.

If you have a building you think we can help you with, give us a call, PH: 1300 654 253

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