First Gutter Clean in Fifteen Years

Hobart Gutter Clean

It is not a good idea to leave the debris to collect in your gutters and on your roof. Underneath all the debris is a plastic gutter guard.

Do you think it is helping?

The roof and guttering will deteriorate much faster if left to sit over time, not to mention the water overflows or ingress this much debris could cause. The corners of the roof have plastic gutter guard installed to stop birds. This causes a collection point for debris build-up. If you are going to use a gutter guard in your gutters for either control of birds or debris, you must realise that it is a tool and you still need to clean your gutters on a regular basis

Installing any form of gutter guard does not negate cleaning the gutters.

Hobart Gutter Clean

Completing regular gutter cleans, ensures the roof gets inspected. This roof has lost mortar and nails have come loose. You can see the fallen mortar in the corners of the gutters. The tiles have lifted on the ridge capping, dislodging them out of place. The roof is then not waterproof. Once the wind pulls at one tile, it will cause others to loosen too.

Hobart Gutter Clean

There is also a hot water solar panel system installed. Lichen and grime collect on the panels. Regular cleaning of the panels means a more efficient hot water service.

Hobart Gutter Clean

One can conclude that maintaining a regular gutter cleaning schedule could also solve other issues that apply to your roof. Acting on the information you receive in the report, could mean you save on further damage costs, this could create if left unattended or as in the solar panel case, a better working system.

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