Are Gutter Cleaning Wait Times an Issue For You?

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

“Was given a lengthy wait time from quote until job could be done, due to a lot of bookings, but was phoned and done on the day a lot sooner. Job done very satisfactory, friendly customer service and appreciated the photos and report. Very happy with the price that also ended up a little less than quoted.”

Robyn, Kingston Tasmania

Thank you, Robyn, for taking the time to provide a review on your gutter cleaning service in Kingston.

Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania have a wait time as we have a lot of repeat and new customers. We do our best to shorten this wait time where we can. Our repeat customers have their gutter cleaning bookings already saved in the system. If a customer makes a request to have a gutter cleaning service in a particular period, they have a date saved for them. We then fill around these slots. New business is important to us and we endeavour to accommodate their requirements.

There are many factors when scheduling and rescheduling work such as weather, staffing issues or time allowances.  We make every effort to provide the soonest alternate date if the original date is postponed due to the above issues. We save one day a week to cover these events or emergency work. If these spots are not filled, we bring work forward where we can. If a job is not too big, that can sometimes be brought forward with a few hours’ notice, when we run early on any given day.

It is coming up to the summer months and we do have bookings already slotted in. We are training new staff right now to try to alleviate long wait times. If you are thinking about gutter cleaning, book now so you have the job slotted in for the time you want. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Call 1300 654 253 today and get the booking in November, December or January that you want. We are already booking for November.

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