What Creepy Crawly’s Are Lurking in Your Gutters?


All manner of creatures lives in your gutters. The best way to keep them from living in your house is to keep the gutters clean.

The debris collected in the gutter is a virtual ecosystem that sustains living things, animal and plant.

Plants thrive in the gutter and if not cleaned can establish themselves very readily.

Lizards love being in gutters….Why?

Ants, flies, mosquitoes and other insects live in the debris. It is the perfect breeding ground for them. And what do lizards eat? You got it…the insects.


Rodents and other small animals are attracted to the gutters too. It is a good food source and living environment for them too. So what preys on these little guys…. You got it, SNAKES. They smell them and use the downpipes or overhanging trees to access the roof and gutters.



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