Roof Cleaning at Gutter-Vac Tasmania

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Roof Cleaning at Gutter-Vac Tasmania

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Roof & Gutter Cleaning

We recently cleaned a roof for a property that had black mould and tree litter on the roof and in the gutters. This had caused the tank water to taste and smell rancid. The colour of the water had changed too.

It is important to regularly maintain your gutters and keep them free of debris if you are on tank water. To help keep the water clean, you can clear the debris from the roof and prevent the amount of debris by cutting back the trees around the house.

When there is this much debris you might have to schedule gutter cleans more regularly than annually. Once the roof has been washed, blowing the debris at the time a of a gutter clean will help to maintain the sanitation of the roof and therefore the water.

Gutter clean and roof clean

You don’t need to run the risk of drinking contaminated water.

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