Northern Tasmania Enjoys Gutter Cleaning and Solar Panel Cleaning

North Tas gutter clean

Our Northern customers are delighted with their gutter cleaning service.

Did you know we also clean solar panels too?

When you combine a solar panel clean with a gutter clean, we offer a reduced rate to clean the solar panels.

It makes sense to combine the two jobs as we are already on the roof and it ticks two maintenance tasks off the list. Cleaning your solar panels regularly can increase their efficiency.

Staymesh Gutter Guard

Another job we do for our customers is supplying and installing Staymesh gutter guard for bird proofing. A tell-tale sign that birds are in your roof is that annoying wake up call in the morning. They bring their nesting material to the roof and the gutters get littered with it.

We usually suggest Staymesh, as it is an easier product to remove and clean the gutter. It is a stronger product than the roll of gutter guard and the birds have difficulty pushing past it.

Installing a gutter guard does not negate cleaning the gutters. If a fixed guard is installed, it can be four to fives times the cost of a gutter clean, when the next clean is required.

You can use a gutter guard as a stop gap to prevent a build-up of debris. We can advise the best course of action in situations where you are having blockage and overflow issues. This is a result of the amount of debris that collects over a short period of time.

As stated above, using gutter guard does not negate ever cleaning the gutters again. Gutter guards are used in conjunction with gutter cleaning to maintain a maintenance plan. They keep the water flowing freely in the gutter system and prevent possible blockages and water ingress.

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