Had a Roof Repair or Replacement? What was left behind?

Hobart Gutter Clean

We often find nails and the like left in the gutters after a roof has had repairs or has been replaced.

Even a few nails could cause an issue. Depending on the way it lodges itself, debris will get caught and build- up, creating potential blockages.

A nail caught in our hose causes us no end of grief. It can get stuck anywhere in the 60m and is a challenge to find and dislodge. It is a time-consuming exercise and can be very frustrating.

We need to go through the gutters by hand and remove all the nails and screws prior to vacuum cleaning the gutters.

In fact, if any trades people have been on the roof, ie air conditioning installer, solar panel installers or aerial installers etc, you should let your gutter cleaning professional know, so they don’t find any surprises. Anything left on the roof will eventually make its way to the gutter line.

Hobart Gutter Clean

Flat rooves that have rubbish left from installations can cause other issues too. Nails and screws rust in the weather and will rust the roof, if left there. Plastic stuck left sitting on the roof will hold water and again cause rust issues to the roof. This could also cause water to pool and water ingress may occur.

It would make sense to get a free quote online if you have had any roof work lately. Get your gutters cleaned and clear any other rubbish that has been left behind. Just make sure to tell your gutter cleaning professional about the recent work carried out.

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