Gutter Clean After Three Years in Burnie

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

We recently completed a gutter clean at a property in Burnie. It has been three years between cleans. This valley took us one and a half hours to clean. The roots of the grass had compacted so much that we had to pull hard to remove it. It was one bale bag worth of debris once removed from the gutter.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

Three years later it was not as compacted but it still took an hour to clean this gutter. We hand cleaned and then vacuumed the rest.

There are some gum trees around the property and some gutters have no trees near them.

It is interesting to see that in 2017 we cleaned gum leaves and mud from this gutter.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

Then in 2020 it was full of grass. Gum leaves was the composition that the grass was growing in.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

The following photos show grass growing in the gutters and there are no trees around this building at all.

Grass all cleared from these gutters.

Gutter cleaning in Burnie

You can see from the state of these gutters that three years is probably not a good period in between gutter cleans. We would recommend an annual gutter clean.

Not only is the mud and corrosive sludge removed but you are removing the dried leaves and grass which can be a potential fire hazard. An annual gutter clean will prolong the life a of a gutter also.

We are here to help you to assess what period you would require for your cleaning schedule.

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