Why Gutter-Vac makes gutter cleaning safer for everyone!

Many people don’t realise that Gutter-Vac was started because I had a problem.  I had a successful plumbing business in Bundaberg and I was continually being asked to clean gutters.  Now, not only was it a horrible job to do because cleaning gutters by hand takes a long time, it is dirty work and basically not very efficient or effective, but it was also dangerous.

When I say dangerous, I’m not just taking about being on a roof and working at heights.  I’m talking about what you find in gutters.  Even 20 years ago, I started to see syringes and needles in the gutters and although we knew this was dangerous back then, we now understand even more how dangerous it is.

Because of our specialised wet/dry vacuum system, it means that our franchisees are not putting their own lives in danger by putting their hands into gutters and not knowing what potential danger is lurking beneath the debris in the gutter.

Yes, we see a lot of these dangerous items in gutters on commercial or public buildings, even at schools, but we also see these in residential homes which to me is a worry.  Many home owners may decide to get up a ladder and clean the gutters themselves without knowing what could be in their gutters.  Worse still, often when cleaning by hand off a ladder, you are reaching up to clean out the gutters, not looking from above to see the potential danger before putting your hands in it.

Once again, the Gutter-Vac system of cleaning gutters is not only efficient and effective, it can protect you from the dangers lurking in your gutters that could be life threatening to you.

By the way, I haven’t even mentioned the number of snakes we find in gutters!  Imagine finding that in your gutters when you put your hand in there…..

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