Water Damage Prevention

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Water Damage Prevention

Regular cleaning will keep rainwater from damaging your property. Gutters are designed so that the gutter is higher at the front than the back (for a tidier finish). As a result, when rainwater can’t drain from the gutters as intended, the rainwater will flow over the back of the gutters rather than the front. Blocked gutters can cause rainwater to overflow into ceiling cavities and into the property, damaging walls, décor, carpets and electrical items. Overflow water can also flow to the foundations of the property, which can be extremely dangerous.

Often times this water damage does not become noticeable until you have a major storm with excessive rain, but the damage was already done long before the storm and it was just the storm that pushes the water damage to a point that you can see it.

The cost to have your gutters cleaned is far less than having to replace walls, ceilings and carpets!

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