Property Owners becoming aware of necessity to have Gutter-Vac clean their gutters.

All over Australia, property owners have become increasingly aware of the necessity of having their gutters cleaned by Gutter-Vac.


Over the recent years, many parts of Australia have been through drought.  This means that many gutters have become blocked without the steady flow of rainwater through them.  This is of course a dangerous fire hazard.  An ember can easily spark a fire in dry debris in your gutters which we all know can have devastating results.

Blocked gutters during the dry season can also cause damage when we hit the wet season.  Blocked gutter means that water has nowhere to go and can cause considerable damage to your house.

No matter what season we face as Australians, it is essential that we have our gutters cleaned regularly.

The world is changing and we are all more aware of the public liability risks associated with contractors working on roofs.  At Gutter-Vac, we put safety first and this then eliminates the risk to the property owner.

We haven’t even discussed cost yet.  In fact, if you had your gutters cleaned twice a year for ten years, it would be cheaper than installing most gutter protection devices.

So, if you are a property owner, maybe it is time to have your gutters cleaned – especially if you have never had them cleaned before.

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