It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!

So Christmas is almost upon us and this is the time when all the DIY’ers out there have quite a few days off to start to do all those things around the house that they just haven’t gotten to throughout the year.  One of which would be to clean their gutters!

I’ve written about this before, but it just isn’t safe for people to be climbing up ladders and cleaning out their gutters themselves.  Most falls from height are actually from a ladder, not the roof.  Both can be equally devastating to your wellbeing.  Although you would never want this sort of injury, it can feel even worse at Christmas time and put more pressure on your family.

Besides the safety aspect, most people cleaning out their own gutters do so by hand.  Not only is this an ineffective method to clean your gutters, mainly because you are getting rid of the leafy debris, but not removing the sludge along the bottom of your gutters, it is also a very time consuming task.  Do you really want to spend your Christmas break doing this type of work?

The other factor is that cleaning your gutters by hand is a messy job.  You are not the only thing to get dirty cleaning your gutters this way.  You will get your house dirty and also be left with a mess on the ground that will require even more work and time to clean up.

Are you getting the picture here that this is not what you want to be doing at Christmas time?

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