As the first subtle hints of spring begin to creep in, now’s about the time many people turn their attention to a little home and garden maintenance, and chances are a good gutter clean is high on the house keeping agenda.

Over the course of a cold wet winter, the likelihood is your gutters have accumulated all sorts of debris ranging from leaf litter to sticks, twigs, pine needles and the occasional live resident of the rodent or reptile variety.

As you ponder pulling out the ladder and giving those gutters the once over, here are four reasons we’d suggest Gutter-Vac might be better equipped for the job.   


Arguably the last thing on your list of favoured activities after a long week at work is scaling the heights of your home to fish out the sediment in your gutters.

And make no mistake, even when it comes to weekend jobs about the house, time is definitely money. So why not save yourself some effort and some serious time by calling in the experts who do this job every day?


Like all DIY jobs, gutter cleaning requires specific tools. Even if you do choose to do it by hand there’s ladders involved, along with heights, not to mention the inevitable mess that comes with collecting gutter fill and disposing of it properly.

Our professional Gutter-Vac staff come armed and ready or the task. Using proprietary technology, we vacuum the gutter debris, rather than depositing it around your home perimeter, then dispose of it thoughtfully.

That saves a whole lot of mess, a whole lot of time, and a whole lot of effort spent awkwardly perched on your roof.


On that note, it’s prudent to mention the safety risk that comes with working at height. Between 2003 and 2015 Safe Work Australia found:

  • 359 workers were killed following a fall from a height, which accounted for 11 per cent of all workers killed over this period.
  • Half of these falls involved falling three metres or less.
  • The greatest number of fatalities involved falling from roofs (59), and ladders (54).

A professional finish

Last but not least, a regular gutter clean is a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the general condition of your roof. At Gutter-Vac we offer a complimentary roof and gutter inspection as part of our everyday service. 

While we tend to gutter litter, rid your gutters of pests and rubbish and ensure that water is flowing freely away from your property, we can make note of factors like rusting gutters, cracked tiles, problems on solar panels or any issues that might harm the integrity of your roof and gutters.  

And that’s just part of the peace of mind which comes with our professional service.

Need to know more?

Gutter-Vac is a national company proudly offering the highest quality technicians in the gutter cleaning industry. Each of our technicians is equipped with specialised training in Gutter-Vac’s vacuum technology and provides quality customer service with an emphasis on safety.

You can learn more about our services here, or contact us directly to book your next gutter or tank clean.

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