What creepy crawlies are in your gutters?

You have probably never thought of this before, but when you haven’t had your gutters cleaned, you are basically setting up a fast food outlet for lots of creepy crawlies and critters in and around your home.

When leaves, mud and dirt sit in your gutters, they break down to a mud like sludge.  This sludge is actually really nutrient rich with the run off from the roof surface and then also collecting bird and critter droppings and sometimes they contain seeds that then sprout into plant life.  There are many little bugs that like to crawl over and through this nutrient rich sludge which then attracts the bigger creepy crawlies and critters that like to eat the bugs and then the bigger critters that like to eat the smaller critters. 

What sort of critters and creepy crawlies are we talking about here.  From cockroaches and spiders through to mice and rats up to possums, birds and even snakes … yes snake!

Think what it would be like if you were say a rodent.  You could curl up and live in the ceiling cavity of the house – nice and warm, out of the elements.  Then when you were feeling a little hungry, head to the gutter to find some food. 

Cleaning your gutters doesn’t only protect your property from potential water damage, it can also help with pest issues because if you remove the food source, then the critters and creepy crawlies will go elsewhere.

So when was the last time you had your gutters cleaned?

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