Vacuum Cleaning Gutters on Commercial Properties

Many people when they first learn about Gutter-Vac assume we clean just gutters on residential houses – and we do and we love our residential customers – but did you know that approximately 70% of our work is on commercial properties?

The biggest reason that commercial property managers like to use Gutter-Vac is because of our safety.  Absolutely they want our vacuum gutter cleaning system efficiencies and effectiveness, but safety is a must on a commercial property.

A lot of commercial properties are much higher than the average family home and in a setting that could be open to the public or with other people working in the same area, so understanding how to work safely at heights as well as in general public areas is a must.

What are the sort of commercial properties that we regularly vacuum clean the gutters on.

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Defence Force bases and buildings
  • Local City Councils
  • Retirement homes / Lifestyle Villages
  • Townhouses / Apartment buildings
  • Pubs/Hotels
  • Sheds and rural properties
  • Horse stables / Livestock Farms
  • Childcare Centres
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping Centres

And the list goes on.  We have done distribution centres for large supermarket chains, wineries and even aircraft hangers.

Sometimes we need to bring in an elevated work platform (think like a cherry picker) to access the roof, but once up there, are work is exactly the same as on a home, just more and longer gutters!

Because we are fully insured, this is also a large benefit to commercial organisations because it gives them peace of mind.  Plus, because Gutter-Vac is a nation-wide group, we do work for national organisations and companies that can have a single point of contact (at our head office) but have the work done right across the country.

So do you know someone that managers a commercial property or properties?  Do you think we could help them?  We’d love for you to pass on our details and remember, that same service you receive for your residential home, we offer that same customer service experience to our commercial customers because they have gutters too!

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