Top ideas for Gifts for Mum this Mother’s Day… Without leaving home and without spending money!

In this time of social distancing and self-isolation, we want to remind you that this is not a time to forget your Mum!  There are so many great things you can do for your Mum and gifts to give, without having to leave home or spend money!

Here’s some of our top ideas:

  • Home-made gift vouchers

Get out the paper and pencils and create some home-made gift vouchers for Mum that can be valid for the next year.  What are the vouchers for?  Maybe some basic things but what about something fun too?

            Vouchers could be for:

  • Doing the dishes
    • Washing the car
    • Time to read a book
    • A walk on the beach or in the park
    • Vacuuming (we always love to add some vacuuming!)
    • A head/hand/foot massage
    • Movie of her choice
    • An afternoon of peace and quiet
  • Take her to the movies…. At home!

Set up your living room like a night at the movies.  Put on the popcorn, get out some blankets and pillows and settle in for a night of Mum’s favourite movie (which is probably not the latest Avenger’s movie or Frozen 2 … again!)

  • Cook Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

It may be simple, but always appreciated.  Make it special.  Decorate the table.  Put out the ‘good plates’ and nice wine glasses.  Maybe some fresh cut flowers and even eat by candlelight.  A fun activity is to have everyone (prepared earlier of course) share their favourite stories or moments with Mum!

This is also a great one for your Mum who doesn’t live with you.  Have a ‘virtual’ dinner by Zoom/Skype and share your favourite stories.

  • Jar of notes

Imagine a jar filled with little notes all folded up.  Throughout the year, she can take out a note and read it.  Maybe a note of love, a story or a memory.  Even a funny joke to make her smile or a story of years gone by.   

If you are feeling super creative, then get different coloured paper and you can theme the notes to things like – Yellow for when you need to smile, Blue for when you feel like crying, Pink for when you need some love or Green when you need a laugh.

Again, this is a great idea if you don’t live with your Mum.  Maybe replace the jar with a box and pop it into the post for her.  It is the gift that will keep giving all year long.

And don’t forget the old favourites….

  • Bubble bath with candles
    • Fresh flowers from the garden
    • Breakfast in bed
    • Handmade cards (with lots of love)
    • Bake a cake

Maybe this year you will be able to show your Mum just how much you care and often times, gifts with some effort are more well received than hand cream and slippers simply bought on the run.

Why not go all out and do everything on our list!

To all those Mum’s out there…. Happy Mother’s Day!

PS.  You can always get the gutters cleaned for your Mum too!  Who knows, maybe she will love it!! You wouldn’t be the first person to call and ask us for this.

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