Solar Panels – Why Clean Them?

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Solar Panels – Why Clean Them?

As we all become more environmentally friendly and looking to become more self-sufficient, especially with our energy use, there are more and more properties with solar panels installed on their roof lines, but the question is, when was the last time you had them cleaned?

Think about your windows.  You may not be touching them, but they still get dirty right?  The wind and weather leaves dirt and grime deposits or films on them. So to see through your windows you clean them.

Now imagine your solar panels.  They have the same dirt and grime deposits, films or layers building up on them.  You don’t clean them to have them sparkling like a window, but you do clean them to increase their efficiency.

Did you know that these layers of dirt and grime will actually decrease the efficiency of the solar panels to create this “green” power source?  Something as simple as cleaning them will increase their power generating capabilities and ensure that they are doing their job.

Now, is this something you should DIY?

Absolutely not!

Two things….

  1.  Getting on the roof, especially with a hose and water is extremely unsafe.  So easy to trip over a hose or get it caught up.  Then adding water to any roof surface will massively increase your chances of slipping and falling off the roof.  Your life and safety is worth more than saving a few bucks on cleaning your solar panels!
  • Solar panels are technical and expensive.  They are made with specialised materials that need to be cleaned with the proper technique.  Certain products and methods will actually damage your solar panels and render them useless.  Pretty expensive DIY project if you do that.

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At Gutter-Vac, we have been cleaning solar panels for year.  Not just on domestic houses, but we also clean panels on commercial properties and when we say clean solar panels, in some cases it is hundreds of them on commercial sites.  We know what we are doing.

Why not consider getting your solar panels cleaned along with your regular gutter clean?

If you have solar panels then make sure they are performing at their best and this can be as simple as simply having them cleaned.

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